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# Create_in_crypto_part_14

⭕ To test the capability of a particular blockchain protocol, the following things should be taken into consideration:

network infrastructure test

☄️ The protocol started from the first day in a decentral manner, and the commune has a certificate in exchange for the effort to establish ties or contracts and maintain them.

☄️ The protocol has at least 30 main nodes distributed all over the world, regardless of the type of nodes

☄️ The rulers are able to do staking for a certain period of time, which is known as storage pools, without which the stability of the currency cannot be maintained. Any currency that does not have staking pools, then it will quickly disappear. Therefore, projects are transformed into ways to maintain stored liquidity. Among these methods are the capabilities of the launchpad, which rewards the store with gifts of new projects and enables them to obtain special prices before going out into public circulation.

☄️ The main nodes keep working and at least 90% of them haven't disappeared from the network in the last two weeks

⭕ Network stability test

☄️ The main network has not lost connectivity or been restarted in the last two weeks or has been unable to create and monitor network blocks (blocks)

☄️ All important code bugs (level bugs > p3) have been fixed.

☄️All necessary quality and conformity certificates have been obtained

☄️Provide protection for all versions in order to retrieve it in the event of a new upgrade failure

⭕ Upgrades Test

☄️ Define a pattern in order to make new network upgrades without getting out of control

☄️ The last two network updates were without problems

☄️ Define an alternative plan to activate it in case an error occurs during the update

⭕ security test security

Having a plan to find out the attack on the network and intervene to stop it

⭕ holding

☄️ Coin holders get information about what happens in staking pools

☄️ At least there are two ways that enable the owners of the currency (holders) to dispose of and manage their possessions from the currency

☄️ The presence of a manager for the large storage tanks, which is the custody provider

⭕ Programmer Crew Test

The crew includes programmers who specialize in the field

☄️The crew includes marketing professionals

☄️ The crew includes specialists in social media

☄️ Launching brand ambassador programs with famous people for their success in the field of blockchain

⭕ Liquidity test

Here, the movement of liquidity between the main portfolios of the project and the portfolios of developers must be prevented, and the gradual entry or exit of liquidity into the wallets of whales. The debts were purchased at the beginning of the project at a cheap price, and they possess large numbers of currency, which enables them to control the price movement up and down, to enable them to open a stop loss order for the wallets. The little ones are in the dark. Therefore, after the good news, you find a sharp decline, this decline comes due to the opening of the stop loss

I tried to explain in a simple way, knowing that the topic is complex, as it is a mixture of software technology and the world of finance...

I think that for the first time ordinary people will have this opportunity to enter the crypto world through money.

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#Cryptocurrencies #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Binance #Trading #Crypto