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Secret Traffic Method Has 7 Million Visitors A Month


Secret Traffic Method

Here is a  free traffic source that has over seven  million visitors a month. It's a place  where you can share your knowledge and  present yourself as an authority figure in your niche.

So let's go .

Take a look at the stats , because there is one vital step that you  need to take otherwise.

So let's go to the  computer the website is called  flipgrid.com .

Here are the stats :

Secret Traffic Method

So  we can see according to similar web,  it has a global rank of 5 000 which is  very high.

Country rank united states 1000 again,  that's epic! 

Secret Traffic Method

And this is where things get very  interesting because we can see that over  recent months, this site was getting over 20 million  visits a month.

we can see that  it bounced back up from  three million almost four million to  over five and a half million visits.

 so  one more thing i really want to show you  is that 66% of the traffic is from the  united states .

 this is a powerful traffic source if you  use it in the right way.

 so let's go take a look  at the website it's flipgrid.com .

 brands itself has( learn together ) simple free video, discussions to make  learning fun; 

sign up  for a free account you're going to get  full access  to the platform.

 one more important thing  to note before you use this website, this is from microsoft, so it has funding  this is going to be around for a while  fingers crossed, so it could be worth  your time .

so once you sign up for a  free account , you're going to land on a page ; this is where your  groups exist.

if we type in  a niche so we could go marketing.

 so let's keep it  really specific  and take a look at what we've got so  considering all this traffic  only seven million visits a month.

If you get  down specific enough into your niche  and target those keywords, there is  enormous opportunity here .

It's an option for you if you  want to explore i'm going to focus on  discovery, because this is where the  traffic is.

So what you need to do  is get your content your links  your name featured in the discovery  section.

 I'll show you how to do that in  a second because  there are currently 40 000 topics  available 40 000 topics compared to 7  million people  searching  you can see that there is enormous  potential here.

If we have a  look at the community section we have  all everyone all everyone or  we can target specific school and ages.

Go  ahead create your group. Once your group  is created  add a topic,  so here you again put in relevant  keywords,  add a description that's where you can  start linking to your website you know  as long as it's relevant.

We don't  want to do anything unethical, we don't  want to be spammy as long as that it has editorial merit so as long as  it's relevant to  the topic and adds value  to the topic; then you can link to your  website .

We can add topic, media,  an image or  video.

we can add gifs and stickers we  can upload a video or we can add a  youtube video or we can add integration.

The  important thing to note with this is  that you have to be consistent because  when you are consistent with your  marketing you can achieve amazing  results.

"Getting Started with Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a simple, free video discussion platform that makes learning fun, fulfilling, and empowering. It only takes a few minutes to start sparking meaningful discussions that will inspire your learners to share their voice and creativity.

See how the magic happens by watching our video below, reading our step-by-step guide or downloading our Getting Started PDF at the bottom of this page!"