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10 items you must read if you want to use PayPal without problems

10 items you must read if you want to use PayPal without problems, especially if you are one of the workers in the field of e-commerce.

PayPal without problems

 All the information below has been  from the PayPal User Policy and the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy

1. PayPal can suspend or terminate its agreement with any user at any time and for any reason after notifying the customer

2. If the reason you use PayPal is to buy services or products or send money to friends and family, then a personal account is the best type of account for you

3. If the purpose of opening a PayPal account is to sell products, you must open a business account with PayPal or transfer your personal account to a business account. A PayPal business account is recommended for those who want to use PayPal to sell products and services and collect donations

4. When you receive money in a business account with PayPal, documents will be requested to confirm the identity of the business, for the required documents

4.1. In the case of a sole proprietorship, you must provide proof of your name, address and date of birth

4.2. In the event that you are registered as a legal entity, a business legal entity

You must provide the name of your business, the address of your business, and a document to prove the existence of the business

5. If you received money on your account, regardless of its type (personal or business) and you were unable to provide the identification documents, you cannot keep your money in PayPal, and you have to withdraw your money to your bank account or ask PayPal to transfer money by check for a fee of course

6. To protect PayPal and its users, PayPal will delay the process of our ability to withdraw our funds in some circumstances, either to confirm our identity or to ensure that our customers will not request a refund or wish to open dispute cases. You may also resort to restricting the amount of withdrawals

7. Prohibited activities that are prohibited when using PayPal services: “Please focus”

       7.1. Violate any law or regulation or infringe copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or intellectual property

        7.2. Selling the following goods: Selling counterfeit goods, selling drugs or some controlled substances or products that pose a risk to consumer safety, cigarettes, or items that encourage, promote or direct others to engage in illegal activities, or stolen goods including digital goods or hypothetical, promotion of hatred, violence, or racism, or items deemed obscene, or some items or services of an immoral orientation, or weapons, knives, or ammunition, or the sale of any products or services that governments consider to be highly likely fraudulent

         7.3. Acting in a defamatory and threatening manner

          7.4. Providing misleading, inaccurate or misleading information

          7.5. Sending or receiving money that PayPal believes to be fraudulent

          7.6. Refuse to cooperate by providing confirmation of our identity or any information requested

          7.7. Control an account linked to another account Participate in these activities

           7.8. Conduct your business or use PayPal in a way that leads or may lead to complaints

          7.9. Repeated requests from buyers (whether made to PayPal or card issuers) to invalidate payments made to us

          7.10. Allow your PayPal account to reach a negative balance

          7.11. Accessing PayPal services from a country that is not included in the list of countries allowed by PayPal. Note: You have heard that this is important.

         7.12. Using PayPal services to test credit card behavior

         7.13. Circumvention of PayPal and “opening new accounts” when our old accounts had a negative balance or if an account was restricted or suspended

         7.14. Opening new PayPal accounts using information that is not your own or using someone else's PayPal account

        7.15. Harassment or threat to PayPal employees.

        7.16. Attempting to double-back while the dispute is in progress by receiving or attempting to receive funds from both PayPal and the seller, bank or card issuer for the same transaction;

Note: There are additional points also, and check the sources, but I chose what is related to more than what I have heard or seen online and related to our problems.


8. Engaging in activities that violate PayPal's policies may cause you the following damages

 8.1. Termination of the user agreement with you and refusal to provide PayPal services to you in the future

 8.2. Restrict your access to your PayPal account

 8.3. Restrict your ability to transfer or pay money using any of the payment methods linked to your PayPal account

 8.4. Keep your balance in your cash account (Balance) for a period of up to 180 days to protect against liability risks or if you violate the acceptable use policy

 8.5. Contact buyers who have purchased goods from you using PayPal, your bank, your credit card issuer, or affected third parties about your actions

 8.6. Take legal action against you


 9. Acceptable Use Policy

 Do not use PayPal for any activities related to: showing personal information to a third party, those activities related to get-rich-quick stories or multi-level marketing programmes, financing or credit card debt refinancing transactions, or selling certain items before the seller controls or owns the item sale of travellers' checks or money orders, debt settlement services, or activities related to corruption or bribery

10. The practice of any activity contrary to the policies of PayPal, some of which were mentioned in point No. 8, may cause the following:

 10.1. The penalties mentioned in point 8

 10.2. You will be liable to PayPal for the amount of damages incurred by PayPal due to a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, you acknowledge and agree that $2,500 per violation of the Acceptable Use Policy for the time being is the reasonable minimum estimate for the actual damages of PayPal, taking into account all current circumstances, ..... .....These damages will be deducted directly from any balance in any PayPal account you control

Note: do you know why?

Do you deduct and take anything on our account? It's all down to PayPal's estimates and the extent of the serious psychological damage we've caused to her

Dear reader, all of the above has been translated from the sources below, but I would like to alert you to an additional point, which is that PayPal policies are updated from time to time.




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