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how to get traffic for your professional website?

how to get traffic for your professional website?  

how to get traffic for your professional website?

Now the role of the difficult task, which is how to get traffic, or rather, how do I market my site to get sales?

1. Rely on the best natural free marketing method, which is to write “valuable” content that potential customers are interested in for your site and use long search keywords that your customers use to search for this content on the web, deliberately including the basic keywords in the title of the article or page in the first place, and the rest of the words are distributed in the article In an uninitiated way.

2. Find a content creator related to your site and agree with him on a mutually appropriate way to host you.

For them, one of the most famous examples is writing a guest article or a live post with one of the content creators, or making a video for another channel interested in your site.

3. If you use WordPress, there are plugins called; Push notification:

Which helps us to alert customers who have arrived at our site with all our news and thus ensure that they return to visit our site on a regular basis.

4. Launch promotional campaigns on the social networking sites of the site between friends and followers so that the world knows you, and most importantly, those campaigns are designed in a way that encourages the customer to pay attention to your advertising material.

For example: Make an introductory presentation on your products or services, create coupons, run contests.

The important thing is that you plan well for your promotional campaign so that you get something in return, and one of the most important things that you may get is the emails of customers interested in your site or your site offers.

Do not buy mailing lists, nor subscriptions, nor likes, nor all of these means, because this method is 99,9999999% failed "in my opinion" and rely on building your list and your audience from scratch, after you build that list based on the will and request of your customers, start the communication process quietly and promote your articles or offers or Anything else.

Understand the principle of sales, because it is on the same principle, regardless of where the traffic is:

5. Launch a paid advertising campaign on social media platforms even if your budget is limited and even if we are sure that we will not get sales because this is what will happen, but we want the traffic to reach our site and the reason:

The tracking pixel we put on the site needs traffic to start recognizing and saving customer behavior when They arrived at our site, and when the pixel saved that information, targeting our customers with promotional campaigns would be more accurate and easier.

In the event that you are equipped with a landing page, we want Haltrafic to capture the data of interested customers

6. Be active in various social networking sites, specifically those that are closest to your target customers: write, comment and share topics related to your site and potential customers, and most importantly, do not write superficial, hollow responses such as a point, a follower, a web, a beautiful article, or ......,

write something for him A value that reflects the impression you want to leave on the first person who wants to know you.

Do you have another quick way? Share your experiences or information with us.