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Looking For a Winning Product?


Looking For a Winning Product?

Looking For a Winning Product?

A new, trendy product, I expect it to move in the world and the demand for it does not diminish as long as customers are happy and as long as there are women and as long as plastic surgeries are on the rise.

Let us revise and “analyze” the product together, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the product, and draw up a potential customer profile for it. Share your opinion, it's not a final exam.

Product Features:

1. Light in weight and small in size, so the shipping and storage cost is low

2. Women who are afraid of plastic surgery or are convinced but don't have enough budget will love it

3. Women will like the product because it gives immediate results without waiting hours and days or pain, and this will save her if she has a party or any other occasion

4. Women will trust him more than they trust the principle of plastic surgery doctors, who graduated from under their hands scary faces, noses, lips, foreheads and jaws that have anything to do with natural creation and their appearance became frightening, which led to many women’s repulsion or fear.

As for a product of this type, its results are guaranteed, and in the worst cases if not Be assured, women will not lose anything by using it.

5. A product that is frequently used for one customer, "and this is the best type of product, and it is frequent" because it is used once in one session, and as soon as a woman finishes using it and a new occasion comes, she must buy a new product.

6. I did not find the product on Amazon or eBay because it is new and therefore an opportunity for fast merchants to adopt new ideas with little competition.

7. I used the reverse image search and the product name and could not find stores that sell the product, the only store I found that sells the product is:

  • Store started selling the product:
  •  Read positive customer reviews

8. The market will need a long time before it is saturated with the product because it is a global product for women wherever we are and has nothing to do with social status or or or.....

9. Since the product is not reusable, here is your chance to make a special offer by assembling more than one pill of the product in one box with nice women’s branding. The customer will love the offer because he knows that he cannot use this product more than once.


1. A new product to the point that I could not find a direct supplier in Ali Express who sells the same product, but in a supplier who sells something similar:

I leave you to complete the search process. Therefore, I could not know the cost of the product, but since it is sold for $ 20, I consider it an acceptable product in the event that the cost of the original product is less than $3

2. The product is correct for women over 30, but its negative in my view is that it is very general, and therefore if you decide to sell it, you should specialize in a certain category and not sell the product as someone who sells a plastic pacifier to the world

**** Client and interests:

1. The target group is clear, and they are women over 30 years old, but from what I see on the communication sites, I do not rule out that men use it as well.

2. Target women at the times of their special occasions: a wedding, for example, birthdays, official occasions, or ... the important thing is an occasion

3. Target women who care about beauty, fitness, weight loss, or social women

4. Think with me? What are the customer specifications of this product?