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Cryptotrading: Solutions for data transmission

⭕ Solutions for data transmission speed and transmission costs:


For example, in Ethereum, the transmission speed of data is very slow, and the gas problem is very high.

One of the solutions that any blockchain uses in order to speed up the transfer of data and accommodate many transactions in it are layer solutions. There are many types and every period new technology appears, so it is important to constantly search for the development of the field:

First layer solutions:

For example, by adopting shards technology, in short, it means dividing the network into small networks, shards. This method makes the issue of processing and authenticating transactions more quickly.

But this technology detracts from the security of the network because not all shards get the full network transaction copy, but only get the copy that depends on their cluster.

Layer two solutions:

There is great confusion here, as most of those who talk about crypto issues confuse the second layer with sidechains.

This stems from the fact that most of those who speak are not familiar with the technological structure of networks, and most of them entered the field of crypto as an investor and are trying to develop their knowledge...

But for example, Polycon is not a second-layer blockchain at all. It is just a sidechain, and this means that Ethereum cannot be obtained from all the information resources of the transactions that occur above it. offchain).

This creates security problems and makes transactions in Polygon hostage to the security of the Polygon and not to Ethereum. I mean, we went back from zero and went back to central.

As for the real layer solutions, they are rollups, and they are of two types:

Optimism rollup:

It is called the optimist because it deals on the basis that all the transactions in the mother network are correct and there is no attempt to cheat or change... This type of Rolaps provides the network with all the necessary information after completing the transactions in a compressed way that does not require much effort from the mother network, which gives speed in completion Transactions ( onchain )... This type is subject to erosion with smart contracts.


This type of rolopis is not optimistic and performs an examination of all transactions.

It collects remittances in packages and sends them to Layer 2 and assigns each package to prove its validity and sends it to Layer 1.

This process, although it takes time compared to optimistic roups, but it gives more security with the participation of Layer 1 with the developments of transactions. ...this type of rolops does not have any ability to deal with smart contracts, except in some exceptional projects.

Robust projects are under study and will be rolled out in due course.

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