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Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Hair


Habits  Destroying  Hair.


Bad Habits that are destroying your hair

The truth is that most of the habits are slowly damaging the hair, strand by strand, making them weak and dull.

We will point out the top eight bad habits that damage hair and give some suggestions on how to protect it.

Simple habits that end up being prejudicial to the health, especially for the hair Hot water causes your scalp to be even oilier, dries out your hair, and causes breakage.

Blow drying your hair on a very heat a bit like the temperature of your water , the temperature of your hand blower should never be too hot.

Heat may dry your hair faster, but it causes several future problems.Let your hair air dry, and once you do blow dry it or heat style it, use a heat protection product.

Curling irons

Straightening or curling irons should be assail medium heat, and you ought to always blow dry your hair with cold air.

This will help seal in the moisture in your hair, leaving it smoother, straighter, and shinier.

Not rinsing your conditioner out completely. Conditioner penetrates the deep layers of your hair that were initially opened by the shampoo so as to revitalize your hair.

The conditioner

The conditioner closes them up to finish the treatment. If you don’t rinse the conditioner out the right way, the layers won’t close and this will end up damaging your hair.

Putting conditioner on your roots, Always avoid putting conditioner on the roots of your hair. It will not make your hair smoother.

Use enough to run through all of your hair. Rubbing your hair with a towel and never use an excessive amount of force when you’re towel drying your hair.

Treat your hair carefully so as to not damage it. Don’t rub it with the towel so as to not cause breakage and frizz.

Elicately squeeze your hair with the towel to get rid of the surplus water from your locks.

Brushing your hair while it’s still wet

Wet, your hair is very fragile; if you've got to brush your hair before it’s dry, use a leave-in conditioner or anti-tangle product so it doesn’t break as.

Under the action of water, the keratin scales that protect the hair shaft loosen and rise, thus weakening the protective barrier they form on the hair.

The hair fiber becomes porous and more sensitive to external aggressions.

Wet hair is therefore much more vulnerable and tends to break easily when brushed.

This is why you should not brush your lengths when they are still wet at the risk of sacrificing a few strands.