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Face Mask to Shed 10 Years From Your Face


 Face Mask to Shed 10 Years From Your Face.


Try This Effective Face Mask 


We're going to tell you about a great face mask that can help remove spots and reduce the appearance of scars, while also making your skin shine.

The most common skin problems

Dark spots that can appear on faces, called hyperpigmentation, can be caused by several different factors such as sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations, or even certain medications.

Another very common problem is scars, especially acne scars caused by pimples.

Both of these issues can affect a person's self-esteem and cause them to seek cosmetic products to decrease their appearance.

Anti-aging effect


This recipe calls for a special ingredient which is both easy to find and inexpensive.

The first ingredient is rice powder, an ingredient that has been used for hundreds of years in some Asian countries as an anti-aging treatment.

This powder is rich in vitamins and minerals, and can nourish and exfoliate your skin to remove blemishes.

In feudal Japan, it was frequently used by geishas to give their skin a porcelain appearance and reduce hyperpigmentation, as well as to protect against UV rays and premature aging.

Rice powder can absorb oil from the skin, making it ideal for those prone to acne.

It contains anti-inflammatory and brightening properties, which makes it ideal for reducing the appearance of sun exposure.

Here is the recipe


Here is the recipe:

  • 1 cup of raw rice or rice powder; Milk or honey; Instructions

  • If you can't find rice powder, you can even use rice grains.

  • Start by putting the rice in a blender; Mix for two minutes until it forms a flour-like substance; Sift the flour.

  • This amount of rice yields a lot, so store the rest in a glass jar for future applications.

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of rice flour with a little milk or honey; Apply the mixture to your skin and massage gently; Let the mask dry and rinse it off with plenty of water.

  • If your skin is oily, you can repeat this application more than once a week.

  • If your skin is dry, once a week should be sufficient.

You should do an allergy test. Apply a small amount of the mixture to the arm and see if an allergic reaction occurs.If you are not irritated, you can use it normally.