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Web 3.0 secrets

 ⭕Web 3.0.

Web 3.0

One of the next strong areas in Crypto is the Web 3. Before we put forward promising projects in this field, I will explain the field in a simplified manner.

  The current problem with the Internet is the difficulty of finding coherent information. These problems stem from human interference in the production of the majority of content on the Internet, and as machines see us, we are random creatures.

Among the solutions that have been found in Web 2 (the current Web) is the hashtag, which enables linking information to facilitate finding information.

But Web 3 is the solution to this problem. And Web 3, you can imagine that it is a group of hashtags that give more organization in the content.

Web 3's goal is to give the digital system greater control over content production.

In fact, Web 3 features have been in use for years and have shown great productivity in e-commerce. When you search for a specific product, the algorithm displays a coherent and consistent set of results. But this level, which shows the results of No, only the beginning, it will not be possible to compare the names of products with long texts that have a complex meaning, and if the meaning differs, the correlation will not be correct.

But this field is closely related to the field of artificial intelligence. Because the systems that will rank Web 3 are in the experimental framework now. And the word arrangement here means to be able to absorb large texts and arrange them with some of them according to topics.

These arrangements will give a strong impetus in many areas. Knowing that all fields are based mainly on research and on merging with other fields.

This was in terms of the pattern of information supply.

But from the side of the use of the Internet, I will mention to you only the problems of the current Web 2, for example, but not limited to:

Unfortunately, the Internet has turned into a place for the dissemination of the ideas of the powerful due to the current algorithms, which if it appears to be democratic, but in depth gives the possibility of reaching users to those who pay the most. My ideas or products for users and this in itself is far from what is being promoted that good content or product is the way to success... Among the basics of Web 3 is to withdraw support from those who do not deserve it and give it to those who deserve it.

The way to build the Web 3 will be through the use of built connections that facilitate the user to access information, control the personal information he wants to give, and verify the sources of the information he obtains. Transferring the power of the Internet from the hands of giant companies to a decentralized world will be one of the most important steps that the world will take under blockchain technology, regardless of which blockchains will lead this movement.

But for those who do not imagine these developments, they should review the history of Google and how it started as an open source organization and not as a company. As well as reviewing the history of email technology in the nineties, where your email box was in your hand because you were the one who managed your server in your computer (local server + client) so that the world would then turn into the central server.

Of course, everything has its pros and cons.

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