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Artificial intelligence and coin burning in cryptocurrency

 Artificial intelligence and coin burning in cryptocurrency

The first thing:

The first thing you should do in Crypto is report what you call yourself.

Are you a trader (a short term investor) or a long term investor?

You may be together (investor + trader) and you invest in a currency, but if the currency quickly reaches your goal, you have to get out because the intention of your investment has reached your goal.

I mean, your transition between the investor and the trader should be governed by the profit factor, not time. You should exit at the time when you see respectable profits.

Don't go out with all the profits, take a third of each profitable currency, a sufficient profit, and invest in other currencies in which you see opportunities to buy.

Don't have an emotional relationship with a currency, so you can't sell it. Because people talk about it well.

If you reach profits that satisfy you, get out of it, because there is no currency here that is constantly heading towards space, as you imagine.

Compare currencies with each other:Why is Shiba superior to Avax?

If you understand avax technology, you will be surprised that shiba has more value in the market......

Shiba is a currency that strips liquidity from small investors with no experience. It gives the owners of very small capital a sense of pride in owning millions of a currency. This is very dangerous and dangerous manipulations.

What shiba offers today, wallet + swap, is a normal issue, most currencies offer larger services and on a special blockchain.

Stay away from these currencies, especially the coming days ♨️♨️♨️

⭕ Artificial intelligence AI

In words....

Artificial intelligence is access to the manufacture of machines to have the ability to learn and develop their own internal programs.

The current machines carry only a copy of programmed commands that you execute under certain conditions. The programming engineer studies what is required to carry out the task, sets the software engineering and passes the work to the programmer who converts the engineering into code.

In the event that other orders are needed, a new architecture must be developed and a new program written.

With artificial intelligence, machines will do a self-update.

For example, a machine can learn a new language that it did not initially support.

The fear of machines getting out of control and taking over the world is a reality, not a fantasy. Because machines can learn so quickly and transform that humans will not be able to keep up with their own evolution.

⭕ Coin burning.

Burning the currency is by sending a percentage of the coins in the main wallet of the project to an adress that no one owns. I mean, any number of coins sent to that burning wallet cannot be released.

In every block chain there is a burning wallet whose address for example in bsc is zeros 0000000....

 The important thing is that there are two types of burning.

The first type is positive and the other negative.