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Five ways to help you get your first client if you are an New Freelancer.


 Five ways to help you get your first client if you are an New Freelancer.

Five ways to help you get your first client if you are a New Freelancer

1. Build you a business profile on social networking sites and fill in all the information for yourself and start building your own network of specialists who have a relationship with the field.

2. Start communicating with the world and helping them, not with the aim of "show-off", but because you really want to help them, because if you were in their place, you would definitely want to find someone to help you, and gradually the network will grow and focus on the type and not on the quantity, and you do not feel that your value is the size of your network or the number of followers: "

3. If you are an outsourced contractor, we recommend that you build a profile for you to showcase your business, experience or skills.

There are many free or paid platforms on which you can build your business portfolio without any technical problems.

4. Create an official professional email to know how to talk to companies and give them weight, despite the absurdity of the topic, companies care about this a lot and look at the contractor with a more serious look if he has a professional email and an arranged portfolio, and then you can negotiate the price in a better way

5. In addition to the communication sites, create an account with the international microservices sites and fill in your profile in a wonderful way, to say the least, because there are many competitors from the same field, and the customers of these sites take a roll in the blink of an eye and will not click on your profile unless you have a snapshot or something special in your profile

Do you have a serious move to make that helped you get a client? help others.