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COVID-19 and sexualities : The emergence of a new paradigm of sexualities.


COVID-19 and sexualities

 COVID-19 and sexualities: The emergence of a new paradigm of sexualities.

Text messages, messages, photo exchanges, video exchanges, etc., are some of the tools integrated into classic virtual sexuality. Other forms of virtual sexuality are becoming increasingly important.

They are based on interactive technologies (priced or not) and bring about new encounters with real contact between the people concerned or the creation of virtual erotic scenarios.

The creative imagination of social networks - even the most common ones - favors the emergence of these new forms of sex life, new practices and new relationships with sexuality. Some wonder about the impact of this virtual sexuality on the evolution of sexual morality. In other words, the exploration of this subject in the light of the pandemic we are experiencing is only in its infancy.

Testimonies and studies on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on sexual and romantic life in France.

Recent medical research has revealed the negative effects of infection with the emerging coronavirus, and its repercussions on men's sexual health.

And according to the “Cleveland Clinic” medical website, research has indicated negative effects of Covid-19 infection, most notably erectile dysfunction in men.

There are factors behind the possibility that men infected with the coronavirus may develop ED, as Covid-19 causes infections throughout the body, especially in the heart area and the surrounding muscles, and it can block blood flow to the male organ, due to the injury to the blood vessels.

There is also the psychological factor, as sexual activity is linked to mental health, and here comes the role of the negative virus, which causes stress, anxiety and even depression and affects mood.

Also, the general health deterioration resulting from the epidemic causes a number of health problems, including, of course, sexual weakness.

Commenting on the link between corona and sexual health, urologist, Dr. Ryan Berglund, explained that erectile dysfunction may be a symptom of the disease, adding that: “For young and healthy people who suddenly develop erectile dysfunction, especially after infection with corona, this may be an indication of More dangerous things to happen to their sexual and general health.”

Among the negative effects of corona is also the possibility of its impact on fertility in men, given the damage that it may cause to the testicles, which Berglund explained, saying: “It is too early to determine the long-term symptoms that may affect men with Covid-19, but there are different ways in which the virus affects on their sexual health...

"We are beginning to understand the long-term complications caused by the virus such as neurological problems, blood clots and damage to the lungs, heart and kidneys, but more research is needed to understand the extent to which sexual health is affected by the epidemic," Berglund added.