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Corona vaccine and sterility



Corona vaccine and sterility

The vaccine against COVID-19 DOES NOT cause sterility? 

“Vaccines do not cause sterility. This inaccurate rumour was started by two German pseudo-scientists and spread further on the internet. According to verified data, infection with the virus can harm male fertility, and that is another reason why vaccination is needed to protect against such effects from coronavirus. "

Verified information regarding the virus is that it can lead to impaired fertility in men. That is one of the reasons why vaccination is recommended - in order to reduce such effects of the virus. On the other hand, in the clinical research of the companies Pfizer and Moderna, 30 women who remained pregnant participated, which again indicates that there is no direct effect of vaccines on fertility.

Dr. Marija Božović from the Public Health Institute of Montenegro.

There are two models in dealing with the Corona virus, the British model and the Indian model, where the British model was seeking to vaccinate the largest number of its citizens against the virus as quickly as possible to prevent mutations of the virus that may not be controlled, and Britain succeeded in that, and began to ease restrictions now.

In contrast, the Indian model, which witnessed a lack of commitment to precautionary measures, the establishment of celebrations, and a significant delay in vaccinating citizens, which resulted in serious mutations of the virus that India could not control..

There are 1 to 5 individuals in a million who are at risk after receiving the “AstraZeneca” vaccine, and they are primarily exposed to these risks, as are women who take birth control pills.

Doctors denied that the vaccine caused sterility or sexual weakness for its recipients, as it is often reported, stressing that there is no scientific evidence that these things happened to the recipients of the vaccine, because the composition of the vaccines does not address this aspect of the body, and that there are millions around the world who received vaccines, and the existence of these symptoms has not been proven They have.

 That there are groups such as under 18 years and pregnant and lactating women for less than 6 months, who do not take the Corona vaccine at all, while patients who take immunosuppressive drugs such as rheumatoid patients and red mercury, do not receive the “AstraZeneca” vaccine because it contains a live part of the virus, and it is preferred for them The “Sinopharma” vaccine, and this is done by submitting a report from the treating doctor to the center that received the vaccine with the disease condition, whereby the “Sinopharma” vaccine will be selected based on this report.

 The rest of the chronic diseases receive the “AstraZeneca” or “Sinopharm” vaccine, so there is no harm from any vaccine for them, pointing out that “AstraZeneca” has achieved tremendous success and most vaccinations around the world were in AstraZeneca, calling on citizens to stay away from social media rumors about vaccines, because most of them are false. .

The importance of vaccinations lies in protecting against complications more than infection with the virus, because the vaccine protects against complications by 99 to 100 percent, indicating that when infected with corona after receiving the vaccine, it will be a simple infection, and the person does not need to enter central care or hospital.