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how to do yoga for the face correctly

 Yoga for the face

We offer you to take a relaxed position in front of the mirror, take your favorite cream and take care of yourself. Yoga for the face is pleasant, useful, fast and not boring at all. Designed by anti-aging care professionals.

lips yoga

What is Facial Yoga

Yoga is a proven Indian practice for millennia that helps maintain the health and harmony of the body.

Rejuvenating facial gymnastics

In short, the action of asanas (postures) is aimed at working with muscles, ligaments and joints so that they remain strong, elastic and mobile. For yogis, the sequence of working with muscles is as follows:

1: relax

2: stretch

3: strengthen.

Relaxing and stretching

Bench press

This exercise will help relieve stress and relax tense facial muscles.

One: Press your thumbs to your temples and place the rest on the back of your head.

2: Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, slowly massage the temple area in a circular motion.

3: Do five circles and relax.

4: Repeat three times.

Stretching for the eye area

one: Place your palms on your temples and pull back, trying to stretch the skin around your eyes.

2: Cover your eyelids to enhance the effect.

3: Hold this position for 10 seconds, relax.

four: Repeat 3 times. 

face yoga

face yoga

Strengthening: Blow to the chin

This exercise works well against the double chin.

one:  Make a fist with your fingers.

2:  Press firmly on the bottom of your chin for 10 seconds.

3: Repeat 3 times.

Lips - double clip

This exercise will help smooth out wrinkles and firm your lips. With regular practice, the lip contour will become more defined.

one:  Place your middle fingers on the area above your upper lip and apply gentle pressure.

2: At the same time, try to lift your upper lip.

3: Hold for 10 seconds, release your fingers.

four: Repeat 3 times.

face yoga for lips

lips yoga

lips yoga

Raising eyebrows

This exercise will help open up the gaze and smooth the eye area.

one: Place your index fingers above your eyebrows and your thumbs below your ears.

2: Raise your eyebrows, trying to keep your eyes closed.

3: Hold for 10 seconds and then relax.

four: Repeat three times.

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