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3 component mask for under-eye wrinkles and dark circles

3 component mask for under-eye wrinkles and dark circles

 3 component mask for under-eye wrinkles and dark circles:

The fine mesh of wrinkles under the eyes, dark circles and bags are the main cause of a woman's anxiety upon waking up. Such an opportunity most often happens during long-term work and the inability to have a good rest. 

In order not to look older than your age, at home you can do with just three ingredients in an effective mask for aging skin and wrinkles under the eyes, black circles and puffiness. 

A simple mask helps the skin under the eyes to recover quickly and smooth out wrinkles. Also, after regular use, the whitening effect becomes noticeable. 

How to prepare a mask 

We need to have only  three components from which the agent is kneaded: potatoes, fermented milk product and vegetable oil. 


  • We peel a medium-sized potato and rub it on a fine grater. You should get a fine gruel, which will take one tablespoon. 
  • Further, we also measure out with 1 tablespoon any fermented milk product - yogurt, sour cream or kefir. 
  • We connect these two components. We grind thoroughly and pour here half a teaspoon of cosmetic oil, for example, grape seeds, avocado, jojoba, almond, whoever loves what. 

similar mask

A similar mask can be used in the morning while preparing breakfast. If the product is applied in the evening, for more effective whitening of dark circles under the eyes, we recommend dropping a little lemon juice into it. 

  • Next, cut the cotton pads in the shape of a crescent. We need them for patches under the eyes. Anyone who has ready-made patches, use them. 
  • Distribute the mask on the patches in an even layer, wait a little for impregnation. We use this time to prepare the skin of the face. We go to the bathroom and there we wash our face with cold water to tone the skin. 
  • We attach the patches soaked in the product under the eyes. We hold twenty minutes doing household chores. If the mask is done in the evening, then you can lie down and relax. 
  • Afterwards, rinse off the product with water and apply the cream under the eyes, working out the area around the eyes with gentle smoothing movements. 

After the first application, the skin around the eyes will be visibly fresher. And if you make such a mask regularly in courses 1-2 times a week for 10-12 procedures, then the skin under the eyes will stay young longer.