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Strengthen your hair against breakages


Strengthen your hair against breakages

Strengthen your hair against breakages

We all experience hair breakage to some extent. Whether it's exposing our hair to the elements, over-styling our locks or drying our hair too rigorously, hair breakage is not necessarily a cause for alarm if it is not too excessive.

The good news is that there are many ways to prevent hair breakage from becoming a serious problem. Hair breakage occurs when one or more hair shafts break or split, causing permanent damage to the strand.

Do them sparingly and apply protective products first to help your hair retain moisture and prevent breakage.

Hair depends on water to prevent dehydration and dryness, two common causes of hair breakage.

If you prefer to use a towel to help dry your hair, try wrapping one around your hair and letting it naturally absorb moisture rather than rubbing it in.

Getting the right balance in your diet plays an important role in protecting the health of your hair and scalp, and in preventing excessive hair breakage.

Keep your hair hydrated

Keep your hair hydrated and well nourished with a good balanced diet and drinking plenty of water, it will help you feel better overall.

Occasionally use a good quality hair mask to add extra hydration and help you feel relaxed and well groomed.

Decide which cause affects you the most and choose the most appropriate means to correct, repair and prevent any damage.

Your hairdresser or barber can offer you additional tips and product recommendations to prevent hair breakage and help you enjoy healthier, stronger hair for a long time.

Health and appearance 

Remember that the health and appearance of your hair is a reflection of how you feel as a whole, so take note if you experience hair breakage and take action to correct the problem.

People with this condition can experience dry, brittle, or dull hair and even thinning or bald patches when hair falls out as a result of symptoms of hyperthyroidism.