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Natural Acne Treatments with Tea Tree



Acne Treatments Tea Tree.





Natural Acne Treatments with Tea Tree.

The natural healing and antibacterial properties of the ingredients of plant origin are incomparable. Banish rashes naturally with herbs and active acids.

It's time to spot enemy territory and fight back with natural acne treatments!

Natural acne treatments

Rather than stripping your skin of essential moisture or making acne worse, herbal treatments can naturally calm acne inflammation and maintain your skin's pH balance.

Natural acne treatments may be more affordable for dry or sensitive skin than those made with alcohols and strong acids.

Alternative acne therapies with ingredients such as tea tree oil are more popular for their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a real acne fighter and a natural alternative to common chemicals that will have pimples for good.

Known for its superstar antibacterial and anti-inflammatory powers, this essential oil is the holy grail of natural acne treatments.

It uses soothing herbs to soothe active blemishes that might be painful or inflamed, and mild surfactants to cleanse the skin without overly stripping natural lipids.

Thyme and thymol are the 3 most powerful antimicrobial herbs for acne.

The tea tree mask

The tea tree mask is a concentrated clarifying mask based on natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

This mask is a skin winning mask to soothe inflammation and detoxify pores, using active herbs and mild acids.

What to Expect: Expect an instant feeling of freshness and calmer skin with reduced redness and swelling; squeaky skin that stays hydrated.