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How to Manipulate A Red Pill Men: The Art of Getting a Guy to Do What You Want


How to Manipulate A Red Pill Men: The Art of Getting a Guy to Do What You Want

Manipulate A Red Pill Men

There are various strategies to manipulate men;such as boring them to submission{1};making them prove you wrong{2};amplifying femininity{3}  and using the laws of power{4}{5}.

Appear helpless:

Most of the time; we're perfectly capable of doing something but when we just don't feel like it; it's so easy appearing helpless and to pretend to be struggling with; let's say; fixing the garbage disposal; so that he'd step in and take over from us.

  • Give him the cold shoulder
  • Call them cute pet names
  • smile and look approachable if you want to be approached
  • Be more playful around your target


Walk around like you're the absolute boss; don't be nervous about it. it's a game. wars to be the most beautiful girl? be the most confident girl; most guys are afraid to approach women; if you are a confident girl who can approach guys you find cute and make a move and show no fear; that will make it completely crazy. people live with confident people because they think you know something they don't; "how is she so confident.

If you've ever wondered how to manipulate men; the truth is that it isn’t as difficult as you might think. In fact; there are a few simple tricks and techniques that can help you get your way with guys. Whether it’s getting him to do something he doesn't want to do or simply making sure he pays more attention to you than anyone else in the room; here are some tips on how to manipulate men:

1) Flirt! Men love compliments and when they receive them from someone they find attractive; their egos tend to soar. So don't be afraid of flirting; just make sure not too overdo it or else things could quickly become awkward for both of you! 

2) Give Him Space - If your guy seems overwhelmed by all the attention he's receiving from other people then give him space so that he can feel like himself again. This will also show him that his feelings matter and help keep his ego intact which makes manipulating him much easier later down the line if needed! 

3) Know What He Wants - Before attempting any manipulation tactics make sure know what kind of person/things/activities excite your man most so when trying out different strategies have an idea already in mind about what would work best for getting results without coming off too strong (or worse yet creepy!). 

 4) Make Sure You're Clear About Your Expectations- It's important not only communicate clearly but also set expectations early on about what sort behavior is acceptable before beginning any sort manipulation attempts otherwise things could quickly spiral out control leading either party feeling frustrated & angry at each other instead desired result being achieved through conversation rather than coercion!  

 5 ) Be Patient – Manipulating someone takes time & patience because no one likes feeling pushed into doing something against their will even if ultimately beneficial them long run . So take slow steady approach building trust between two parties until eventually desired outcome reached without compromising either individual integrity dignity along way !

How to Manipulate A Men ?

Male manipulation is a controversial topic and should be approached with caution. There are a variety of strategies that can be used to manipulate men;but it is important to remember that manipulation is not always ethical or appropriate.

One strategy for manipulating men is to annoy them into submission. It involves using endless stories and conversations to wear down the man's resistance. Another strategy is to make him feel like he has to prove you wrong. This can be done by challenging her opinions or beliefs in order to get her to do what you want.

A third strategy is to make him feel like he is your saviour. It involves making the man feel needed and appreciated;which can lead him to do whatever you want. In addition;women may use seduction techniques such as flirting and physical contact in order to manipulate men.

Finally;women can also use power dynamics to manipulate men. This involves using tactics such as guilt;playing hard to get  and withholding affection in order to get the man to do what he wants. It is important to remember that these tactics should only be used in an ethical and responsible manner.

How to avoid manipulation by red pill men

To avoid male manipulation of the red pill;it is important to be aware of the misogynistic ideologies that underlie their beliefs{1}{2}. It is also important to recognize and reject the idea that women are naturally manipulative and self-serving{3}{1}. Additionally;it is important to be aware of the strategies red pill men use to manipulate women;such as attempting to join a group of single women without knowing them.{1}{2}{3}{4}{5}.

Full tutorial on seduction and obsession in femme fatale

1. Establish your presence. The femme fatale is all about being confident;mysterious and seductive. Make sure you're dressed to impress;look confident  and know how to make a statement with your body language.

2. Be flirtatious. The femme fatale is all about seduction and flirtation. Be sure to use your eyes;body language  and words to make sure your target knows you're interested.

3. Be mysterious. The femme fatale is all about mystery;so don't reveal too much about yourself or your motivations. Let them guess and they will be more intrigued.

4. Make them obsessed. Once you've established your presence and your target is thrilled;it's time to obsess them. Make sure your target knows they can't get you;but you're still there;just out of reach.

5. Bring them back. Make sure your target always wants to come back for more. Make them want and demand your attention  and make sure they know they can never get enough of you.

6. Play hard to get. Never give in too easily.

7. Make sure they know you're in control. Don't let anyone step on you and make sure they know you're responsible.

8. Stay in control. Don't get too obsessed. Make sure you keep a cool head and don't get too obsessed.

9. Play to your strengths. The assets of the femme fatale are her most powerful weapons. Be sure to use them to your advantage and make sure your target knows you know how to use them.

10. Be confident. Remember that you are in control and never forget your power. Be confident in your abilities and your target will be more likely to succumb to your charms.

11. Have fun with it. The femme fatale isn't afraid to have a good time;so be sure to have fun with it. Enjoy the thrill of pursuit and the power of obsession.

12. Be patient. Don't rush things. The femme fatale knows that true seduction and obsession take time;so be sure to be patient and let things happen naturally.

13. Stay mysterious. Keep the mystery alive and never give too much. Make your target want more and they'll be more likely to stick around.

14. Be yourself. The femme fatale is all about being confident and embracing her power;so make sure you stay true to yourself and don't try to be someone else.