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AI video generator from text: BHuman AI Studio


BHuman AI Studio: AI video generator from text

BHuman AI Studio

Custom AI videos at scale. Clone and scale yourself.

BHuman.ai is an artificial intelligence software that allows you to personalize videos on a large scale. It takes a video template (recorded by you or chosen from our library) and customizes it into hundreds of personalized videos by mimicking your face and voice. Simply put; BHuman.ai allows you to personally communicate with hundreds of people in the time it takes to communicate with just one!

BHuman AI review

BHuman.ai received positive reviews from users; with an open rate of 82% and a response rate of 62%. Reviews on Product Hunt gave it a 5 out of 5; while GetApp and SaaSworthy both provide pricing information and feature comparisons. BHuman.ai can also be compared to VideoRobot in terms of cost; reviews; features; integrations; etc.

Features of  BHuman AI

BHuman AI is an AI software that allows users to create personalized videos at scale by mimicking viewers' faces and voices. He offers advanced features; premium support; 99.9% guaranteed uptime; heavily discounted plans based on volumes; and end-to-end security policies and encryption. BHuman also provides a list of alternatives for users to explore. Pricing information is not available on BHuman's website; but can be found on third-party websites such as SaaSworthy and GetApp.


Create personalized AI videos.

AI music generator.

AI video generator.

AI video generator from text.


You can deal with more problems at once.

Auto-reply with videos.

Create personalized messages to provide information.

The inconvenients

Users may need help getting the required information correctly.

Only some of the information can be provided in the videos.

Loading a video takes longer than loading simple text.

What makes BHuman unique?

BHuman is unique among all other AI video generators because it generates posts related to your text. It does not only generate simple images or videos. It is an AI video maker; an AI music video maker and an AI video maker from text.

You can perform all these activities here without any problem. Simply create an AI-customized video to auto-respond to your online platform. Create unique videos that can't be found anywhere else programmed with your design and capabilities. He does not create videos for fun or enjoyment; it creates work related videos to boost your company profile.


Is BHuman AI Studio free?

It is free for most of its editing features. You can freely login and create an account and create custom videos for free up to beginner level. You have to pay a little if you want to get professional videos for your website or blog. It is not free but relatively inexpensive compared to other platforms.

bhuman.ai customer testimonials

BHuman.ai provides customer success stories in a variety of industries; including sales and marketing; real estate; software; and human resources. For example; BHuman.ai can be used to retain gym members by creating personalized videos tailored to customer needs. This platform enables companies to improve their communication efforts at all levels and reach customers more effectively. BHuman.ai has been successful in helping businesses generate warmer and more engaging leads; upsells; cross-sells; and customer success at scale through personalized video.