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facial skin care after 35 years


facial skin care after 35 years

Before it's too late: facial skin care after 35 years

Many perceive this figure as a kind of milestone. In the “before” life, one could sometimes forget to wash off cosmetics before going to bed, neglect moisturizing care in the morning - and, in general, no disaster happened. In life "after" a person will no longer forgive such carelessness. Facial care after 35 should be more careful and deliberate.

Features of facial skin after 35 years

“In youth, a lot gets away with it - the skin does not cause any particular problems, and care and creams seem to be something like a pleasant addition to the daily routine,” says Vichy expert, cosmetologist Ekaterina Turubara .

But at about 35 (and sometimes at 30) we begin to notice that the skin becomes "somehow not like that":

  • It is no longer so elastic and resilient (hello, pillow marks in the morning);
  • wrinkles begin to appear on it - "crow's feet" and creases on the forehead, nasolabial folds are especially noticeable;
  • after a stormy night, bruises under the eyes are inevitable ;
  • there may be a tendency to pigmentation;
  • the skin becomes drier.

An absolute plus - acne , comedones and inflammation appear on her less often than in her youth , she no longer needs such active cleansing. But at the same time, the skin becomes more sensitive and less protected against aggressive environmental factors - wind, sun, temperature extremes, etc.

Below we will tell you how to properly care for your face after 35 at home and with the help of cosmetic procedures.

The composition of cosmetics for the face with marking 35+

What to look for in creams, serums, fluids, balms and masks if you are already 35 years old? Of course, first of all:

  • Moisturizing ingredients - hyaluronic acid , glycerin , thermal water, urea , plant extracts (for example, aloe vera , green tea), oils ( argan , shea , olive and others). “Hydrating care is perhaps the most valuable thing we can give to the skin at any age,” says Vichy expert, cosmetologist Ekaterina Turubara. - Moisture restores tone and turgor, the skin instantly appears denser and more elastic. In addition, hydro-fixing components retain moisture in the skin ”.

  • Antioxidants - vitamins C , E , resveratrol , baicalin, zinc , selenium, ferulic acid and others - neutralize the action of free radicals. We are constantly faced with the latter. Their number grows when we are nervous, sick, "hang out" in a smartphone, eat sweets, spend too much time in the sun. By fighting free radicals and winning, antioxidants prevent the aging process.

  • Anti-aging components - of course, antioxidants and hydrofixers also belong to them, but here we mean primarily those that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. These are peptides , resveratrol , proteins (the same collagen), sugars (most often rhamnose is included in cosmetics).

What else do you not know about anti-aging cosmetics? Our test will help to understand this.

Stages of proper cosmetic facial skin care after 35 years

So, what is it like - facial after 35 at home? Thorough cleansing becomes softer, hydration is of higher quality, specific anti-aging care is added - including serums.


You need to thoroughly wash yourself with the right products for your skin type twice a day - regardless of whether you left the house, painted or not.

The skin is an organ of the excretory system. Sebum, sweat, dust - everything that has accumulated on it during the day must be removed with foam , micellar water , gel , lotion , oil or any other cleanser. And 1-2 times a week, cosmetologists recommend using a scrub , gommage , mask or peeling .

They even out skin tone, contribute to its renewal, so that the active ingredients from creams and serums act as efficiently as possible.


Mask-scrub for the face "Magic of clay", exfoliation and narrowing of pores, L'Oréal Paris
The mask, containing 3 types of clay and red algae extract, gently exfoliates dead skin particles, evens out skin tone and smoothes it. Cleans pores.

Pore ​​Cleansing Mineral Mask for Face, Vichy

Two types of clay - kaolin and bentonite - intensively cleanse the pores. The mask contains allantoin and aloe vera extract, does not dry out, but on the contrary, softens the skin, which becomes matte and clear.

Micellar Facial Cleansing Foam, La Roche-Posay

An excellent means for cleansing sensitive skin: the foam belongs to the line of physiological agents, that is, it does not leave a feeling of dryness, maintains the pH balance of the skin. It contains thermal water and glycerin, which perfectly moisturize and soften the skin.

Gel-foam for removing makeup and cleansing the skin of the face Miel-En-Mousse, Lancôme.

During use, it slightly warms up the skin and, thanks to this effect, even more intensively removes makeup and impurities. Foam gel with acacia honey softens the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.

Facial cleansing foam for all skin types Biosource, Biotherm

The product with a soft, airy texture contains the cellular water of thermal plankton. Foam gently cleanses the skin, restores its protective barrier and leaves it fresh and radiant.

Gel-foam cleansing "Basic care" for normal to combination skin of the Skin Naturals series, Garnier.

The foam gel perfectly cleanses and also contains a refreshing grape extract. The skin is radiant with health, looks fresh and clean.

Sugar scrub for face and lips, cleansing, L'Oréal Paris

If you are tired of blackheads, this scrub is for you. It contains three types of sugar and kiwi grains, the formula thoroughly cleanses the pores, lemongrass fights imperfections, and mint oil is known for its properties to soothe the skin.

Gentle Skin Scrub, La Roche-Posay

Gently cleanses the skin, softens and moisturizes it. The skin after it shines and breathes, becomes smooth and velvety.

Means-exfoliant, improving skin texture, Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion, Kiehl's.

When used regularly, it improves skin texture, evens out its tone, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and gives radiance.

Micellar water

Micellar water for removing makeup Eau Micellaire Confort, Lancôme
Ideal for dry skin. The product contains rose water and acacia honey. Micellar water moisturizes, softens the skin and gives it a feeling of comfort.

Micellar water for sensitive and allergy-prone skin Ultra, La Roche-Posay.

Removes makeup and impurities quickly and effectively. Thanks to the content of thermal water and glycerin, it visibly moisturizes and reduces the feeling of tightness. The product does not require rinsing with water, but it still won't be superfluous.

Micellar water with minerals for sensitive skin of the face, eyes and lips Pureté Thermale, Vichy

The product gently cleanses the skin without feeling discomfort and dryness. Among the active ingredients are panthenol, which soothes the skin, and mineralizing thermal water, which strengthens, regenerates and protects against negative environmental factors.

Micellar water for face, eyes and lips "Ultra Care" series Skin Naturals, Garnier.

Easily and quickly removes makeup, leaving a feeling of comfort. Cornflower water refreshes and soothes.


We often perceive this stage as unnecessary or irrelevant. But water, metabolic products, precipitation change the acid-base balance of the skin. To restore it, a tonic is usually used. After it, you will immediately feel how good and comfortable your skin is. And this is not counting the conductive, cleansing and caring functions of tonics.

Endless freshness make-up removal toner for normal to combination skin, L'Oréal Paris

Gently removes impurities without overdrying the skin. Contains rose and lotus extracts, has a soothing and softening effect.

Soothing toner for sensitive skin and eyes "Soothing Lotion", La Roche-Posay

The product does not contain soap, alcohol, dyes or parabens and has a physiological pH level for the skin. Helps remove impurities and soothes the skin.

Moisturizing and nourishing: serums and concentrates

This is an important stage in facial skin care after 35 years. Serums and all kinds of concentrates are products saturated with active ingredients, which are usually applied before the main caring product - cream, fluid, etc.

The order "first serum, then cream" is required: the cream "seals" its active components, allowing them to work actively. If suddenly the product involves a different scheme of care, this will definitely be said in the instructions.

Serum for face and neck against wrinkles "Revitalift Filler [+ Hyaluronic Acid]", L'Oréal Paris

The formula with 1.5% concentration of hyaluronic acid has an amazing effect, as if filling in wrinkles, restoring skin firmness, tone, softness and elasticity.

Intensive anti-wrinkle concentrate with 12.5% ​​Vitamin C Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing, Kiehl's.

Includes a high dose of ascorbic acid - as much as 10.5% of pure vitamin C plus another 2% of its derivative, ascorbyl glucoside Cg.

Thanks to these ingredients, the Powerful-StrengthLine-Reducing Concentrate evens out skin tone, makes it more elastic, smoothes wrinkles, and adds radiance.

Activator of youth Advanced Génifique, Lancôme

The highlight of the formula is an effective cocktail of 7 pre- and probiotics. It also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, castor oil and rose gallic extract.

After just a week of use, the skin becomes soft, smooth and radiant.

Serum against wrinkles Hyalu B5 Serum, La Roche-Posay

The serum contains several powerful anti-aging components at once: hyaluronic acid, which provides intense hydration, madecassoside, which stimulates collagen synthesis, and vitamin B5, which accelerates the restoration of the skin barrier. The skin becomes smooth and elastic, acquires a healthy appearance.

Antioxidant concentrate of youthful skin LiftActiv, Vichy

Thanks to an antioxidant cocktail of vitamins C, E, polyphenols, neohesperidin in combination with hyaluronic acid and other components, it works in several directions at once, maintaining a youthful appearance of the skin.

Wrinkles are reduced, the skin appears to be tightened, the face looks rested.

Moisturizing and nourishing: face cream

Choose it according to the season and your skin's needs. If you're worried about a constant feeling of tightness, use a moisturizer , or supplement your favorite with a moisturizing mask or serum.

With a dull complexion, it makes sense to pay attention to antioxidant creams. And if the wrinkles have already become noticeable, the oval of the face has begun to "sag", look for creams with a lifting effect and anti-aging components in the composition.

Face cream "Revitalift Laser x3. Revitalizing day care ", SPF 20, L'Oréal Paris

Reduces wrinkles, strengthens and increases skin density, improves its texture, and fights dark spots.

Face and Neck Cream Revitalift Filler [+ Hyaluronic Acid]. Anti-aging care. Day Volumizer ", L'Oréal Paris

Thanks to hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and other hydro-fixing agents, it actively moisturizes the skin. The cream also contains rye seed extract, adenosine and alpinia galanga leaf extract, which helps to actively fight age-related changes.

Face cream “Expert Age 35+. Night moisturizing anti-wrinkle treatment ", L'Oréal Paris.

The cream with a pleasant, thick consistency quickly and effectively fights wrinkles, also thanks to collagen biospheres that penetrate deep into the epidermis. The product improves skin elasticity, gives a feeling of comfort.

Cream for the skin around the eyes "Revitalift Filler [+ Hyaluronic Acid]. Anti-aging care. Volume restorer ", L'Oréal Paris

The formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid, actively moisturizes and smoothes the skin, stimulating its transformation. Wrinkles are reduced, the sagging of the upper eyelid is reduced, the gaze becomes more open.