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facelift, Acupuncture is more effective and safe than botox injection!


Acupuncture (or acupuncture) is a method of treatment based on the effect of the finest needles on biologically active (acupuncture) points of the body, which are projections of various organs and systems.

How does Acupuncture facelift work?

The impact of thin needles on certain biologically active points on the face causes a local skin reaction.

There is an activation of metabolic processes in tissues, the production of collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid is stimulated, the regeneration of skin cells is accelerated - and thereby the complexion improves, the elasticity of the skin increases, and small and medium wrinkles are smoothed. ...

 Essentially, acupuncture lifting is a non-surgical lifting of the facial muscles.

Already after the first procedure, you will feel an improvement in the tone of the facial skin. To achieve a lasting result, we recommend a treatment course consisting of several sessions.

8 reasons to try acupuncture lifting procedure:

  • The method is safe and has no side effects;
  • The method has no age-related contraindications. Suitable for both women and men
  • Has no seasonal contraindications. Indicated before vacation to improve blood circulation and skin nutrition, and after vacation - to prevent photoaging, improve nutrition and absorption of creams, remove dry skin after sunburn;
  • No allergic reaction;
  • After the procedure, there are no traces left, unlike injections;
  • No addiction, no withdrawal symptoms

You can be convinced of the effectiveness of the method immediately after the first procedure!

The result of acupuncture: external changes + general health effects.

Acupuncture facelift works well with therapeutic body acupuncture. Both procedures mutually reinforce the positive effect of each other.