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PRP Hair: Treat all your hair loss problems


PRP Hair: Treat all your hair loss problems

PRP Hair: Treat all your hair loss problems

Baldness is often an inherited phenomenon, most often due to an excess of male hormones. The hair's life cycle is then accelerated, precipitating its fall.

There are other factors that can accelerate your hair loss, such as stress, anxiety or even a poor diet.

Some shampoos, which are too aggressive, can also harm the good health of your hair. You risk ending up with thinning hair.In women, the phenomenon of hair loss is more troublesome and complexing than in men.

Since hair is a sign of femininity, it is not uncommon for women to wish to have hair implants to treat baldness.

Platelet-rich plasma

There is a technique that can slow down your hair loss and stimulate its regrowth. No need to resort to an overly invasive treatment to find thick and silky hair.

Thus, hair PRP uses the active growth factors contained in platelet-rich plasma to stimulate regrowth by acting directly on the stem cells of the hair follicle.

There are 3 types of cells in the blood: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

During hair PRP, it is the platelets and plasma that will interest your surgeon. These cells, rich in growth factors, have the ability to regenerate the hair and stimulate its regrowth.

The hair follicles are the most sensitive to these cells and will be stimulated by the growth factors.

PRP is therefore a substance naturally present in the human body. It is obtained from your blood. It only takes one blood test to get it.

After centrifugation, the surgeon then obtains a platelet-rich plasma (or PRP).Today, this technique is used in cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, hematology, dental care, but also for burns and wounds.

Thus, it is not an intervention limited to the treatment of hair loss. It is also suitable for the treatment of certain wrinkles and dark circles and allows skin revitalization and regeneration.

However, it is important to note that its use for aesthetic purposes has not been permitted in France since 2013.

Thus, PRP is no longer used today in the treatment of wrinkles or dark circles, but only for treatments. for therapeutic purposes.

PRP hair therefore has certain advantages such as:

    • A non-surgical and simple intervention
    • Hair grows back quickly
    • The end result is natural
    • Thus, this method is of definite interest, especially if you want a result that is as natural as possible and as less invasive as possible
    • The indications: Stop hair loss with PRP Hair

In conclusion:

PRP injections into the scalp can slow hair loss and stimulate regrowth.This technique is used to treat:

Temporary hair loss (change of season, hormonal changes, alopecia areata, etc.). New baldness (frontal line, temporal gulfs, diffuse alopecia).

In general, hair PRP is especially recommended for women who have had a hair transplant.

Since grafts take longer to regrow in women, PRP accelerates their regrowth. Women then find thicker and more natural hair in a few weeks.