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Marketing fashion strategy: basic requirements for ecommerce success

Marketing fashion strategy

What are the basic requirements for E-Commerce  success

The consumer's buying journey has transformed. Luxury brands are struggling to grasp the new codes of digital and tame the new ultra-connected generations via Instagram; Facebook; Twitter.

Digital makes it possible to create a relationship between the brand and the consumer, but above all, between consumers.

What do luxury brands need to do to survive the digital age?

Digital Natives grew up with the Internet and understand the world through digital.

To appeal to them, luxury brands must adapt to the new means of communication used by this generation of social media and e-commerce.


Fashion Industry Using: E-Commerce Success Story

Rebecca Minkoff's brand (a premium American ready-to-wear brand). She has done everything to ensure that her brand is a unique experience.

It starts with a connected store. Consumers can try on items with an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag, which transmits the item code to the interactive cabin mirror and features other items the consumer may like. Its turnover has multiplied by 7 in a few months.

In 2017 in Los Angeles, she introduced the concept of the see now buy now, a concept that allows you to directly buy the clothes offered during the show.

concept used more and more today by Burberry, Courrèges, Tommy Hilfiger ...

The Minkoff fashion show turned out to be an experience in its own right for the connected generation.

She has scrolled through influencers (including international blogger Song of Style), offered activities like Yoga sessions, manicures by nail polish brand Essie, the experience comes before the product.

Success of  your E-Commerce: How to stand out when all the brands are on the internet?

Luxury can be defined by rare materials or particular expertise. Why couldn't technology be one of those rare raw materials?

Technological innovation will become a desirable and exclusive raw material.

An example in ready-to-wear with the marketing of smart clothes that retain body heat or connected watches. Hermès has also partnered with Apple for one of its models.

basic requirements for ecommerce  success

Content Strategy or Storytelling: The Ultimate Weapon

When shopping online, the whole “ritual” of buying in-store is broken. The magic doesn't work the same way.

To overcome this, creating video content will highlight the identity of brands. It is a format that is booming and it is very suitable for telling the story of a brand, conveying emotions, and inspiring dreams.

Storytelling is a good fit for luxury brands, as they generally base their communication on the emotions and values ​​of their brand. Two elements that are very difficult to transmit over the Internet!

Digital create a relationship between the brand and the consumer, but above all, between consumers.

Digital marketing: Threat or Opportunity?

Luxury feared that social networks were too accessible.

They must appeal to any generation without losing their essence: exclusivity, rarity, know-how, high price ...

With Instagram, we can maintain a certain distance, a very good example with Chiara Ferragni, Italian blogger known internationally.

At her wedding, she wore a dress signed Dior. Results: 10,000 publications, 6.2 million reactions and a value in earned media (free advertising generated by Internet users) estimated at 4 million dollars.

In summary, the luxury product purchasing journey can range from an article posted by a blogger on Instagram, an online purchase, a return to the store and customer follow-up via Facebook's Messenger application.

Instagram Marketing Strategy: focus on the fashion industry:

A vivid example of an emotionally driven Instagram Marketing strategy, an approach by British model Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham's Instagram Marketing strategy generates more than double the engagement than any of the other brands in the study (Gucci and Louis Vuitton)?

The most strategic image, being a photo of Victoria Beckham with her model son Romeo wearing a costume thus also garnering the latter's community of 11.5 million followers.

This is obviously a prime example of an emotionally driven Instagram Marketing strategy.

How to increase the number of followers on Instagram?

Having closely studied the strategies of 10 of the biggest luxury ready-to-wear brands in Europe, here are the recommendations:

  • Focus your efforts on the types of posts that generate the most engagement

  • Develop relationships with the right influencers.

  • Create a publication schedule based on the activity of your audience.

  • Establish the use of your hashtags.

  •  Analyze, interpret and engage, continuously.

  • Optimizing your Instagram Marketing strategy is not a sporadic activity but a constant process; you need to evaluate it regularly and with the right tools.

Psychology Behind  Brand Loyalty:

For men the foremost common messages relate to being thriving, attractive, powerful, sexy, rugged, cool so on.

Miller’s theory of ‘display signalling’ proposes that we tend to wear sure fashion designs or brands so as to signal specific qualities of character to others.

Somebody carrying associate degree moral or eco-fashion whole, for instance, is at some level attempting to speak that they're conscientious.

Someone carrying prominently branded designer labels is advertising qualities of wealth and desirability, whereas somebody with a full of life and showy vogue is attempting to signal their health and fitness.

Currently we will post infinite pictures of ourselves on-line and receive responses from a worldwide audience.

It can be aforementioned that content is that the new social currency, which it's taken precedence over vesture as a way of show signalling.