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What are the risks involved in cryptocurrencies to the user?

What are the risks involved in cryptocurrencies to the user? 

⭕sharding technique

It is a technique based on dividing the network into small networks. These small networks help in completing transfers, increasing the number of transfers per second (speed + completing transfers).

This information makes you trust projects that rely on Sharding technology.

But in fact, reaching a high speed using the sharding technology has drawbacks, the most important of which is the lack of network security, because dividing the network leads to the other nodes not knowing what is going on in the other nodes, and this makes the copy of the blockchain data unknown to all nodes that prove the transfers.

This does not mean that sharding is a failed idea, but I personally prefer blockchains without sharding. In order to achieve the concept of decentralization as well as not to compromise the security of the network.

Note: The addition of the sharding does not mean an increase in the actual transfer speed, but only the theory.

Knowing that the positive and meaningful increase is the increase in the speed of transferring remittances + the end of blocks.. because if we have a fast transfer of remittances and the end of a slow block, this means that we are sending empty blocks (dummy).

Powerful Sharding Projects:

Harmony ONE

e-radix ERDX

storage problem

What are the risks involved in cryptocurrencies to the user?

What are the risks involved in cryptocurrencies to the user?
⭕️ The difference between real ascent and artificial ascent.
⭕ How do I know scam projects (SCAM)?
⭕ Types of scam
⭕ Mixing coins, tokens, companies and individuals.

Many blockchains produce very large data (for example, Solana produces more than terabytes) this of course makes it difficult to store in all nodes and that is why our chapters do not have many nodes and therefore many see that the currency is not decentralized enough.

The storage problem also has solutions. There are protocols that store in a widespread way, that is, through the use of contract storage capabilities in exchange for the profits of contract managers.

Solana uses Arwaeve blockchain solutions and is active in the storage space.

The storage field will be one of the strongest areas after the widespread use of the blockchain among the public, because the quantities of data produced will be large and can only be stored in storage protocols.


The rocket rise means that there is a group that agrees in advance to make the ascent, followed by some fools.

The normal ascent is through degrees, this type appears that the currency is receiving increasing demand with the passage of time.

This pump is either because of gangs in India that manufacture these pumps.

Or because the owners of the project want to make publicity for the project

There are those who advertise the project through airdrops

And there are those who make advertising through the pump for you to discover

In all cases we will evaluate this coin rationally and decide whether it has a strong project

1) Any crypto project is a scam until the opposite is transmitted.

2) On the contrary, it is proven to provide a product capable of matching the competing product and of a higher quality than the existing product.

 I am sorry for those who lost their money to the squid game today here, knowing that two days ago I was banned from it that it is scam.


📌 A person or team creates a token knowing that in the end it will spend on you and take your money. This type is easy to recognize at first.

📌 A person or team creates a token and involves you with it in an investment in a project, knowing that he has no capacity for it. This type is difficult to identify, because it appears to you that the project is going well, until it is time to pay the price, and he will have to deal with you.

My advice to you, stay away from the tokens after their rise, and sell and survive with your money.

Invest in real projects that have their own blockchain and leave the tokens, as 99% of them are scams in all forms.

The blockchain is built on openSource, which means transparency.

Any project that does not put the project code within reach (for example, github or GitLabs) they are a scammer and want to steal you until proven otherwise.

There are brothers who mix the token with the quin

They mix analysis of a company's currency with the currency of one person.

This site that I presented to you only works in analyzing bsc tokens and does not work for coins such as one, velas,..... The coins have their own blockchain and only use bsc to collect holders at first, then return to their original network...

For those who study BSC and ETH wallets in explorer... There are companies that do multisig multi-property contracts, so it is normal to find wallets with a large percentage....

The analysis has many cases, so be careful before publishing false information in the comments... Any comment could make their shoes sell at a loss..

The most dangerous thing is half knowledge..and yet spreading it.

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