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Velas cryptocurrency

 Velas cryptocurrency

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Velas cryptocurrency

Velas cryptocurrency

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*The Velas Intuitive Intelligence Blockchain is a Proof of Stake authorization blockchain powered by Intuitive Intelligence for secure, interoperable and highly scalable smart contracts and transactions. By applying advanced intuitive intelligence techniques in the blockchain network, Vilas is building a unique blockchain platform that will be capable of executing up to 30,000 transactions per second. Vilas is also developing an ecosystem that includes products such as decentralized file storage, decentralized video and audio streaming services and Messenger.

*The idea behind the project is that high attention to detail and a multifaceted artificial system is the best tool for maintaining the blockchain, allowing for higher accuracy. The Velas blockchain is secure, interoperable and scalable.

Velas is a Swiss-based ecosystem startup. It was founded in 2019 by Canadian citizen Alex Alexandrov, a prominent blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneur and investor. He is also the founder of Coinpayments — the world's number one payment gateway for cryptocurrency. Consultant and investor in Mind AI, a well-known Korean startup in the field of artificial intelligence.

Velas launches smart contracts using Ethereum Solidity — the standard smart contract language that most developers require. It also announced a resource-sharing service Velasphere where GPUs, CPUs, and storage disks can be shared on the Velas ecosystem and used to create a decentralized Internet.

Velas is also adding a decentralized social media platform to the Velas portfolio and we would like to see everyone become Fulani — the Velas community

*Since Bitcoin scaling problems first surfaced, the blockchain industry has been set on the task of building a more efficient system that can achieve the level of scaling needed to compete with legacy payment systems, such as Visa.

Currently handling an average of 20,000 concurrent transactions per second (tps), the Visa payment system is widely considered to be the standard that a blockchain-based cryptocurrency must exceed to be able to truly massive scalability and global adoption. But until recently, even the most advanced platforms did not live up to his mark.

With the introduction of Velas, the world's first independently developed blockchain, the industry now has a platform that can truly rival Visa. But before we get to know how it works, let's take a look at the scaling problem it has.

Leveraging New Blockchain Technology Unlike most DeFi platforms launched on Ethereum, Symblox is one of the first DApps launched on the intuitively intelligent Velas chain. Unlike other blockchains that take up to ten minutes to confirm transactions, Velas is able to handle up to 50,000+ TPS transactions per second and achieve transaction termination in less than one second.

*New DeFi project Symblox is a protocol built on the Velas Blockchain with the goal of bringing synthetic assets to users around the world, eliminating restrictions and high entry requirements.

*Ethereum compatibility, the Velas Blockchain (VLX) will harness the Solana (SOL) blockchain token base and access compatibility with Ethereum (ETH).

Velas (VLX), a high-performance blockchain ecosystem, has shared the details of its compatibility with Solana (SOL), a leading decentralized network known for its throughput of 65,000 TPS transactions per second.

*Cook.Finance The emerging cross-chain asset management platform announced that it is building on the Villas blockchain, which means a significant appreciation for the coin

Finance Cook, a multi-chain asset management platform, chose Blockchain Villas to build on, recognizing its superior speed and transaction processing powers.

Having recently been built on the Solana database, the Vilas Blockchain has become one of the fastest block chains with the cheapest gas fees, and as a cross-chain asset management platform, this was critical to Kwok's team.

*The Villas Blockchain platform is now protected by PATH Network, a US company that specializes in mitigating DDoS attacks and enterprise security for services such as exchanges, financial centers, server hosts, and other organizations that require reliability, 100% uptime, and protection from malicious attackers.

* Proof of Stake delegation consensus algorithm by intuitive intelligence

The underlying principle behind using Intuitive Intelligence Proof of Stake delegation is to use intuitive intelligence to adapt the blockchain to the current conditions in the network, maintaining performance and resiliency in the first place. This is achieved by including models trained within each full node, which produce optimal values ​​for the core parameters of the blockchain, based on data collected from the last era.

*Through the Velas Network, users can access decentralized services, delegating the security of their passwords, keys, or seed phrases to hash algorithms and validators concerned with data security. Most importantly, this information will be distributed across the network and will not be available to any of its participants.


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