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Types of scam, NFT field and hidden scams

Types of scam and NFT field and hidden scams

⭕ Types of scams

Types of scam and NFT

📌 A person or team creates a token knowing that in the end it will spend on you and take your money. This type is easy to recognize at first.

📌 A person or team creates a token and involves you with it in an investment in a project, knowing that he has no capacity for it. This type is difficult to identify, because it appears to you that the project is going well, until it is time to pay the price, and he will have to deal with you.

My advice to you, stay away from the tokens after their rise, and sell and survive with your money.

Invest in real projects that have their own blockchain and leave the tokens, as 99% of them are scams in all forms.

The blockchain is built on openSource, which means transparency.

Any project that does not put the project code within reach (for example, github or GitLabs) they are a scammer and want to steal you until proven otherwise.

⭕NFT field and hidden scams

Of course, the field of NFT is very strong.

But most of the expensive NFTs are just money laundering by scammers. How does the process work?

In the Western world, it is difficult to extract crypto money and direct it to banks without proof of where it came from. For example, in Germany, you are forced to make a purchase and sale to justify your profits. And every incomprehensible movement is completely rejected.

But the scammers, after seizing the wallets, create NFTs, most of which are meaningless, and they sell them to themselves, and thus the money becomes legitimate. 😁

This is what was discovered recently. However, it cannot be transmitted. The seller here receives money in exchange for a technical work, and he can withdraw his money to the bank and submit his taxes without problems.

So don't think that people are stupid to buy a picture of a monkey for a million dollars.

⭕ The philosophy of the honest false chart.

The first thing you must understand is that the price movement or the movement of the chart is based on two ideas that are not the same:

The idea of ​​fear of falling.

The idea of ​​greed to ascend.

Two natural feelings in the human being, from the youngest to the largest institution in the world.

You sell when you are afraid and you buy when you covet...

This transformation creates the chart.

The more you are a beginner and do not know you about crypto technology, the more random and hasty your reactions will be.

But why does the trader with knowledge of the project’s technologies profit and find joy in the scourge with 10% winds and offer some profits and that his expectations were in millimeters… First of all, the expected does not know what is behind the project until he sees that everyone agrees, meaning he sees a large volume of trading and takes advantage of the opportunity to hit daily targets or Weekly and places buy and sell orders and in 50% he wins and in the other he doesn't win or lose......

But why can it be multiplied by the millimeters? Because at the beginning of the stock exchanges, the dominators put encrypted messages between them to control the pricing of anything in the stock exchange, and they agreed on chart forms and secret numbers in order to know whether they entered or not and so that their interests would not be conflicting, especially since they were from the same wealthy families (the Rothschilds for example...) One of the most important codes that they put in place is their adoption of the Fibonacci sequence in buying and selling decisions.... After discovering their codes, many people know them and they are no longer secret, but they cannot be canceled, as they have become the nature of trading..... Fibonacci is the most important thing I advise you to do.

If the trader discovers and masters these codes, he can profit, but with that, the ratio of loss and profit remains close....

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