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The problem with crypto was that Ethereum!

⭕The problem with crypto was that Ethereum!

The problem with crypto was that Ethereum was the first network to introduce and activate the smart contract feature.

Smart contracts are code that is generated and immutable in depth. Smart contracts can be a simple token or a complex code, perhaps a protocol that regulates the movement of data in the external blockchain, or external layer solutions, or a foreign blockchain that contains an EVM gateway to complete remittances or to integrate projects above it that are basically based on Ethereum.

Most Ethereum projects are programmed in Solidity. It is a programming language built specifically for aplication programmers, like javascript or html languages.... They are very simple languages, but the more you delve into the lower layers of programming, you find that relying on the inputs and outputs of hardware and electronics is more, for example, cpp, c, until reaching the assembler language, which It organizes the movement of electronics as needed.

EVM also has the same meaning here as it translates simple languages ​​like solidity and python

To bytes connections, which gives commands to the outputs of the hardware and takes commands from the inputs of the hardware to be recalculated in the upper application layer. I mean, almost as the human eye, brain and hand work....this was only simple information...

But we will return to the EVM, and as I said, Ethereum preceded everyone, which led to the building of many projects on top of it, and this led to the accumulation of transfers and severe congestion in the network, which led to an unreasonable increase in order fees.

But is it normal for us to pay the same transfer fee as sending fees..Of course not, and this affected a lot on the network, especially since Ethereum relies on the Mining Proof System and everyone knows that Mining has very big expenses.... This is what made Ethereum think of moving to rely on Stigink, but this transition will not pass without problems, if it passes at all.

 For projects that provide an EVM gateway and show superiority over Ethereum, they will be able to bring projects to move to, because those projects will not have to replace the pre-coded code with it. The transition will be very easy.

In short, EVM is a bridge between simple languages ​​and electronics.

The EVM is a bridge between Ethereum and other networks, and it facilitates the migration of projects from Ethereum to networks with more speed and security features.

I am one of the few who may not see a great future in front of Ethereum 😁.

⭕ Ethereum problems.

One of the defining issues in the field of crypto that determines its success or not and determines whether real decentralization is possible or just an illusion. And can it match the capabilities of the central cloud technology is the problems of Ethereum.

Regardless of whether Ethereum will remain or will it be replaced by another currency of a new generation, but we are talking here about basic things, regardless of the superiority of one project over another...

We have a real problem and it's apparent to you, but I'm sure most don't understand it... The problem is the inability of Ethereum as a major player to keep up with the huge amount of remittances in the last year... Ethereum is sinking in the true sense and unable to do anything....

Only patch solutions detract from the security that Ethereum promised to the inhabitants of the planet Crypto at its beginning.

Layer 2 solutions and sidechain networks speed up transactions, but the security account and the transfer of data from the mother network to decentralized side networks...

I think that the only solution is to use zk-rollups that combine the speed of transfers with providing the mainnet with at least basic information. We are sure that Ethereum is more decentralized than any project as of writing these words.

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