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SpaceCrypto lovers.

SpaceCrypto lovers.

Space Crypto

Space Crypto will be launched soon, perhaps the first week of February, according to Alfri news sources.

Since the strategy of the team of this group is to detect projects in their infancy in order to make the most of them and then hand them over to those waiting for coins and tokens after fame.

We are also trying to diversify the content in the group as much as possible to satisfy all types of followers. This game is like Bombcrypto, which was a great success and the first people who invested in it made decent profits, whether by storing the token and selling it after the rise or by buying Heros in the form of NFT for the game and investing time Play and take daily profits.


The important thing is, the Space Crypto game system is completely similar to the Bombcrypto system, but there is a partnership between them, which gives this new game credibility, after studying it, we found that it has strengths that will make it succeed...

The SPG game token was listed on pancakeswap and it worked fine, here is the token contract on the BSC network:

0x0ecaf010fc192e2d5cbeb4dfb1fee20fbd733aa. Watch the card.

coinmarketcap or Poocoin to determine the right entry point for you...

This investment is profitable, take advantage of the first pop after the launch of the game and the entry of investors in the first month if you intend to invest in the token only.

 Extract the capital and some profit and leave the rest, the game will still be long as Bombcrypto did...

Either if you intend to buy Sheps (Heros) and invest time in playing and profit and have a daily income (monthly income), then this is the best scenario for people who have enough time, but if your daily program is full, the benefit will not be great...

The NFT game purchase is by SPG and the gaming earnings will be with SPE token which gives you the right to vote in the game DAO.

The content is educational, this is not financial advice.

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