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Sniper Strategy CoinProject

The place of purchase and sale is you who have to determine the project is strong and its price at its inception.

Buying is gradual, maybe falling.

The main network will be launched in a few days.

⭕ Router Protocol 


The project is a protocol that links different blockchains.

Project field:

Crosschain, def.

White paper:

The white paper goes into all the details and shows the transparency of the project.

The solutions offered by the project:

Linking crypto to other technologies through Oracle, as well as contributing to the acceleration of data transfer.

Project founder:

Ramani Ramachandran: Indian.

Number of developers: 20.

Official project office: Singapore.


Market Cap: 69 M .

Total supply: 20 M.

Max. supply: 20M

Public listing year:


Platforms: kucoin, Gate.

DEX: dfyn DEX .


code: The code is open source.

c. m. : PoS.

Type: Crosschain bridge.

on/off chain: on-chain.

TPS: > After launching the main network.

finality: after the launch of the main network.

fees: <After launching the main network.

nodes: After launching the core network.

Holders: After launching the main network.

Smart Contracts: Yes.

EVM: It will be incorporated.

Programing L. : Rust, JavaScript, GO. TypeScript, SCSS.


Polygon, Avalanche, Terra, Algorand,, heco .....

alameda research, Coinbase ventures.


Since we discover projects in their infancy, it cannot have a strong fan base.


19 000 followers.

#road map:

Note 3: The wallet analysis method only works for tokens

Note 2: It is difficult to communicate in private. Your questions can be asked in the comments, and if anything requires communication, we will write to you in private.

Note 1: Your profits are yours and your losses are yours.

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