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Rules, scam and recommendations in cryptocurrency

 ⭕ How do I search for cryptocurrency in 2022?

 You may notice that most of those who talk about blockchain and crypto are only talking about buying and selling different currencies.

Honestly, I don't watch any channel. Because after discovering the channels for a currency, I would have bought it a long time ago.

There are very few channels that offer coins in their infancy. Most of them do not have large views. Why ?

Simply put, YouTube's algorithms covet channel owners to talk about things that people are looking for. Of course, people are looking for things that are already famous, and in the world of crypto, the more famous the coin, the higher its price.....

This means that you search for channels with few views?... But channels with few views may have an experience, so it can lead you to losses .....

But you said there are small channels that offer successful projects....

The truth is that you will not be able to discover any coin at the beginning if you do not develop yourself in the field.

All crypto traders feel that they are gambling and claim that these projects have no goals.

But the goals will be the uses. Any product that we don't use is useless... right?

In all cases, to learn this field, you must begin to understand the definitions, and if you are far from the field of programming, you must imagine some things. For example:

Blockchain: It is a general ledger. Imagine that you borrow from someone, and after taking each advance, you write in your notebook, and he writes the same thing in his notebook. This method gives the result that none of you can change anything from that notebook without referring to the other.

To understand the coin and the token, you must imagine the blockchain in another way

Blockchain: Imagine that it is a closed market in the wall of this market, in which there are a group of empty shops, which you can buy through a contract and do your trade in. In this market there are laws that govern it, for example, the opening time, the closing time, and the speed of movement between shops. Imagine also that inside this market there is an imposed transaction currency, meaning before entering the market you must buy the market currency...

When you project this imagination onto the blockchain, you will find that:

The market is the blockchain (eg bsc, ethereum or velas)

The official currency in the market is the coin or the local currency (for example, bnb).

The laws regulating the market are the protocol.

The different shops are the tokens (Shiba. Saitama....)

Now I will ask you if you had the opportunity to invest in the market or in one of the shops inside the market. What investment do you think is the least risky?

The shop can lose trade and be sold to another trader, but the market will not lose, as it knows nothing but profit.