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I want to start entering the crypto domain!

 The question a lot of beginners ask is; I want to start entering the crypto domain, but I don't know how!! 

Do you advise me to buy a course or enter into a paid group?

I want to start entering the crypto domain!

The answer: No, then no, of course, because all the information is freely available. It is enough to browse YouTube and Google, and you will find all the basics that you will start the field with available for free...

The search is done by placing the question you want to answer in the search engine on YouTube first because the explanations are simplified through videos, and if you do not find the information, it will move to Google and you will find different written references that you check until you find the complete answer to your question

I will try to arrange the steps for you here to go and apply them step by step, and each step I give it enough time for research, application and focus:

- Search for a simple definition of blockchain technology and its relationship to digital currencies in order to get a general and initial idea of ​​the field

- Learn how to register and open an account in the central trading platforms, taking into account security and authentication procedures.

Look for a previous post in this group on security procedures.

The method of authenticating the account is easy and you will find many videos explaining it on YouTube, here I advise you to choose to register on the Binance platform at first.

 Learning as one of the most popular and easy-to-use platforms, and videos of its explanations are available on YouTube in abundance...

- Deposit a very small amount (not more than 20usdt) just for the purpose of learning, open and close a trade with only a part of your capital and choose the application on cheap currencies with many zeros, the method of trading is the same in all other central platforms except for some minor changes and additions To understand with practice...

- Learn how to send a currency from a wallet address on a central platform to another wallet address on a second platform or to a decentralized wallet address... 

Here you must focus well with the types of blockchains and different wallet addresses so as not to make a mistake, because for example, one currency can be in three blocks Or more... that is, they have different wallet addresses, and any error here will lead to the loss of your money...

- Learn how to load and open a wallet on trustwallet, Metamask and other commonly used decentralized wallets...

- Learn how to swap in decentralized platforms such as pancakeswap, uniswap, and others...

If you do all these steps in order and give each step enough time to research and apply with focus, you will have taken the basics that you will need in order to store some currencies, and then you must research and continuously learn and delve deeper into the field through practice and join free chat groups in Telegram, Discord, Facebook WhatsApp... and gather information little by little, and through your diligence and continuous search in search engines.

Keep in mind that during this path you must lose, which is the learning tax, but you must profit after that if you benefit from your mistakes and develop your capital management plan and choose your investments carefully While avoiding excessive greed or excessive fear, this field is a market that plays on the psychology of the trader, and here lies the secret of its continuation.

If you lose, your money is transferred to the winners, and if you win, you have gained from the transfer of the money of the losers to you, and the brokers (platforms) always have a share of moving this money between the first and second category. ..

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