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Crypto trading how to create a token ?

Crypto trading how to create a token?

It is now easy to create a token in the crypto field, but the most difficult thing is to find the idea of ​​this token that will make it successful and last in the market as long as possible while constantly developing its project to keep pace with the changes so that it does not die.

 The token should solve a problem or provide an addition in the field...

The price of creating a token now ranges between 0.5BNB and 4BNB on the Binance network, between 0.075ETH and 0.55ETH on the Ethereum network and between 35MATIC and 300MATIC on the Polygon network, but if you are a developer, you can do it for free and you will only need some simple expenses to start

Stages of creating a token:

- Preparing a professional site for a simple price with a respectable white paper and adjusting the toknomics settings in the contract to be in your favor and the project, putting a logical roadmap

- A team consisting of three to four people to manage social media (Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Reddit) is sufficient in the beginning, then you can register attendance in (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok...).

This team can be hired and paid with a fixed currency or it is better to give them a number From tokens to make effort and work for their wallets...

Create airdrop contests or whitelist equivalents for the first sale in order to gather followers on Twitter and Telegram and continue until you amass a decent number before launching the initial sale...

Paying the audit costs and activating kyc (small amounts) for more credibility, although there are token projects that postpone this matter until the liquidity from the initial sale and listing enters despite that, people buy 😁

- A team of developers that you enter with you as partners with a share of the token if you do not have much cash, and you can hire them to develop the project in return if you have liquidity...

- Launches the initial sale, collects liquidity, connects the tokens to the Poocoin and Dextools platforms.

Entering the token for trading in a decentralized platform, entering liquidity from trading deductions to the marketing portfolio, writing to coinmarketcap and coingecko for listing

- Corresponding to influencers for marketing, running competitions for stores in order to launch shilling campaigns and interact on social media platforms for their wallets, correspondence with well-known sites in the field in order to buy banner ads or buy trend and other multiple marketing methods...

- Correspond to small central platforms and pay listing costs.

- Continuing the development of the project, the continuation of marketing, and the inclusion of the token in other platforms.

 Note: There are many paid services provided by some companies with large amounts of money, while there are specialized developers who provide the same service at very low prices, for example, displaying the logo on the token icon in the trustwallet... Corresponding to coinmarketcap, coingecko and other platforms and sites... Relationships and acquaintances play an important role in this field and everything I pay for the service...

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