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Crypto Technical Analysis: What It Is & How to Do One?

 Crypto Technical Analysis: What It Is & How to Do One?

Supplementary technical analysis:

Crypto Technical Analysis: What It Is & How to Do One

There is no doubt that technical analysis is not the cause, it is only the result, the result of a set of events that move the market.

But this study shows that the market is still positive

As you can see, there is a new peak C that is higher than the old peak A

Also, the new bottom D is higher than the old bottom B (waiting for confirmation).

Also, the Fibonacci barrier E at (0.328) was full of buy orders, which shows that investors see positivity in the market.

In the aggregation curve F, the beginning of a drain appears, but it is met by an aggregation wave, which leads to an initial stability.

In short: the market is still positive, knowing that the chart shows the confusion of investors since last January.

This severe sluggishness can lead to collapses and heading to the supermarket directly and can give explosions and perhaps cancel the concept of the permarket forever, as the crypto will turn into a cyclic acetate, meaning it is not subject to the concept of the cycle.

Technical analysis is a language of understanding among investors that you learn and use.

But if you use it alone, it will be completely useless.

Technical analysis comes after fundamental analysis, and fundamental analysis is what we do in this group.

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