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The Facebook Pixel and Engagement Campaign


The Facebook Pixel and Engagement Campaign

The Facebook Pixel:

   The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that is installed on your entire website, and it is responsible for tracking specific actions that occur on your website.

  With the Facebook Pixel you can create simple and complex  audiences depending on the actions that happen on your website.

 And of course, the most powerful aspect of it is that it allows you to optimize for certain actions,I,E. Purchases, Adds to Cart, Visitors, Leads...

Why Do We Need the Facebook Pixel?

Track from what specific ad your conversions are coming from.

This way you can split test different types of ads, targeting, demographics, and know exactly which ones are getting results and which ones aren't.

Optimize Delivery to people likely to take action: Ensure your ads are being seen by people ‘most likely to take the action you want them to take, like a Purchase, a Register, Add to Cart, etc.

Automatically Build Audiences for website visitors to retarget: Create custom audiences for people who take specific actions on your website, like visited a product page, added to cart, or purchased a product.

Create Lookalike Audiences, find more people who are similar to your customers.

Run Dynamic product ads, create relevant and timely ads on Facebook based on the products people have visited on your website.

Access Facebook Analytics: Get rich insights about the people who visit your website.

The Facebook Pixel

Engagement Campaign: Page Post Engagement.

The purpose of the PPE, is to find people that are most likely to engage with your post (like, comment, share).

Its a great way to get  a lot of social proof, but less for a way to make sales.

 A PPE is great to use at the start of a new product launch, as it will attract many likes, and comments, that will benefit the rest of the Ad campaign (Website conversions, etc.)

Things to Keep in Mind:

Facebook DOES NOT track sales that come from the “Post” of the ad. People that see your ad through a share, tag, direct link, are not actually seeing your ad, but the POST.

Creating a PPE, gives you the option to use a 1200 x 1200+ Image post with a link, that you can later use as a WC (Website Conversion Ad).

A good way to start off an ad, is running a PPE to 3rd world countries, this will get you A TON of cheap likes, and comments, which will get your ad an insane amount of Social Proof that you can use later on your WC ads.

Run a PPE ad to 3rd world countries on every new ad/product that you release, and run the WC ad a few hours after the PPE was launched. 

This will give the WC ad a good start, because everyone that will be exposed to the ad, will notice it more due to the amount of engagement.