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How to Run website Ads That Convert.

WC (Website Conversions):

How to Run website Ads That Convert.

The purpose of the website conversion ad is to optimize on a certain action that happens on your website using the Facebook Pixel to get MORE of that specific action.
The WC Campaign will eventually be your most converting campaign, because it is influenced by Facebooks Data, AND Your Own Data.

ECommerce Conversion Funnel: 

ECommerce Conversion Funnel: (Most of the Time)

View Content > Add to Cart > Initiate Checkout > Add Payment Info > Purchase.  

Things to Keep in Mind:

It is recommended to optimize on the action that is CLOSEST to your end goal, while setting the ad set a budget that can potentially get you at least 3-5 conversions à day (minimum).
If you cannot afford that, optimize for a step lower than your end goal, (Add Payment Info, Initiate Checkout, Add to Car, etc.)

For Example:

If you're selling a product for $20, and you don't want to pay more than $10 a purchase, than your budget (daily) needs to be a minimum of $30 a day on that ad set. (because 10 x 3 = 30).

But if you optimize for Initiate Checkout, and 1 out of 4 Initiate checkouts is a purchase, that means the maximum you want to pay for an Initiate Checkout is $2.5 (because 10 / 4 = 2.5), so your daily budget needs a minimum of $7.5 a day.

NOT ALWAYS will the end goal conversion (Purchase) bring you the highest ROI (especially on higher priced products, $100+).

Facebook LOVES data, and Facebook optimizes faster on conversions that happen more frequently, like Add to Cart, Initiate Checkout, Add Payment Info.

So sometimes an ad will work better optimizing for Initiate Checkout, getting 10 a day, rather than a purchase, getting only 2 a day.

*As a general rule, Purchase ads will usually work.

The best 90% of time, as long as the budget is high Enough to allow the ad set to obtain at least 3-5 a day.

Things to Keep in Mind :

1-Day Conversion Window should optimize better on IMPULSE conversions (that happen on the same day), like leads, cheap products, etc.

7-Day Conversion Window should optimize better on Less Impulse conversions (that might happen a few days after the user sees the ad), like more expensive products, longer funnels, etc.

Most of the optimization happens on the AD SET LEVEL, so you can optimize for Purchases even if you don’t have data/barely have data. Although more data (on the account level), will help the ad set optimize better.

You can optimize for Purchases from the very start of your business/ ad account/pixel, even if you have no data, BUT you might get better results optimizing for a lower conversion in the funnel (Add to Cart).